HydroMax are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Siphonic Roof Drainage systems - Technology that offers many Technical and Commerical benefits.

Our innovative approach to forging links and partnerships, both national and international, has provided the means whereby the company has evolved and progressed HydroMax™ into Market Leaders. We achieve this status through the continual development of our siphonic roof drainage system.

HydroMax has been developed and Independently tested to comply with the World's leading siphonic drainage standards, including:

BS EN 12056-3:2000 (UK & Europe)Solaris Building - Fusionopolis, Singapore

ASME/ANSI A112.6.9:2005 (USA)

SS525:2006 (Singapore)                                   

BS 8490:2007 (UK)

ASPE /ANSI Technical Design Standard 45:2013 (USA)    

Being independently tested and in full compliance with the performance requirements of the above standards  HydroMax™ offers our Partners, Customers, Main Contractors and end user clients the Peace of Mind that they have procured the Ultimate Siphonic Roof Drainage Solution. 

By this constant evolution the Company has driven forward to the forefront of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Siphonic Drainage Technology systems.

In addition to the above is the potential of producing cost savings of up to 45% as well as improving the overall Construction build schedule.

Driven by traditional values; Professionalism and Expertise have remained the bywords which have motivated our Company. These values have been the principles by which we have addressed our own performance to ensure that improvements within working practices are passed on to the advantage of the Contractor/Developer.

Quality and Peace of Mind are the standards that are afforded to all our clients.

HydroMax is extensively used on Wal-Mart stores throughout USA