HydroMax offer a range of training programs to suit you and your company.

From 1 to 1 to large audiences (we have had 50+ attendees at a single event) we are pleased to discuss training requirements with you.

We have a wealth of knowledge cover the area of expertise required.

Some of the topics we can cover include:

  • Introduction to siphonic drainage
  • History of Siphonic Drainage
  • Understanding the Hydraulic principles of Gravity Drainage
  • Understanding the Hydraulic principles of Siphonic Drainage
  • Introduction to published standards (tailored to your particular maket)
  • Explanation to the how a siphonic drainage system works
  • Hydraulic Parameters to be met within the HydroTechnic analytical design program
    (to comply with local standards)
  • Hands-on training on use of HydroTechnic analytical design program
  • Piping Details - Do's and Don'ts
  • System Termination and Venting Requirements 

Training to a mid-size group - mixed companies

Training at Cosentini Associates, New York