See below a selection of published information on Siphonic Drainage Systems aimed as an assist to the information we are able to supply. HydroMax are proud to have incorporated so many technological advancements within HydroMax and HydroTechnic development. 

The performance characteristics of multi-outlet siphonic roof drainage systems

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HR Wallingford - Performance of siphonic drainage systems for roof gutters

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HR Walingford - Performance of flat roof outlets

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PM Engineering Magazine - Understanding Siphonic Drainage—The Why’s and How’s

by Bill Ross (note - Bill Ross is a Director of HydroMax Inc. Ltd.)

May 1, 2006

Aeration and gutter water levels in siphonic roof drainage systems

DOI: 10.1080/09613218.2010.503050

Terry Lucke & Simon Beecham

Available online: 05 Oct 2010

Siphonic Roof Drainage: Rocket science? I don’t think so

By Mike Richmond

Siphonic Roof Drainage Association (SRDA) UK

ASPE:: PSD - Siphonic Roof Drainage: Turning Drainage on its Head - 2008; Vol. 7: No. 6 (available for purchase)

Plumbing Systems and Design 2008; Vol. 7: No. 6 by Rattenbury, John M.